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Code for Germany is a broad network of software developers, designers, politicians, administrative staff and people interested in open data. In the OK Lab Karlsruhe you can participate on many levels and become part of the network. You do not have to enter any organizational form * or pay contributions.

As a citizen

We not only want to create applications for the general public, we also want them to be used and talked about. For this we need your ideas and questions as a citizen.

As a developer

Are you a software developer or designer and would you like to use your skills to positively influence your neighborhood / city / environment? You can also participate in codefor community projects from afar. All projects are on github and look forward to pull requests. Finished applications are waiting to be implemented in other cities.

As a member of politics or administration

Contact and active exchange between local administration and politics and the OK Labs is very important for the success of the program. We therefore invite politicians from the local administration to work with OK Labs. Together we can open more data and improve the framework for open government, transparency and participation. Interested people from politics and administration can simply get in touch with a lab in their city or contact us by e-mail and we will take care of the networking.

As a journalist / blogger

Do you use open data from our projects for your journalistic work or do you report on interesting findings and relationships that are disclosed by our applications? Do you want to know how open data can be used as a research tool and how this data can create transparency? Come along and tell us about your projects or ideas!

* The OK Lab Karlsruhe is an informal association of interested people. The foundation of a non-profit organization is currently under discussion.

Most meetings are hybrid

Location: Impact Hub Karlsruhe, Kaiserstr. 97

Online link upon request

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