Our Projects

We always work on projects that show the value of open data for a society. Often the analyzed data enable very new perspectives.


Open Data Day on March 7, 2020

The Open Data Day is an annual event to highlight the importance of open data internationally. On this day local groups organize self-organized events. Last year (2019) there were more than 400 …

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Climate Watch

The codefor Community aims to display climate data of as many cities as possible on a common website.

We contribute to this project supplying data from Karlsruhe.

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ROGL - Regional Open Government Labs

In 2020, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is planning an initiative for Regional Open Government Laboratories (ROGL). In up to 16 laboratories, new collaborations between administration, politics, …

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Climate Protection Plan Karlsruhe

The city of Karlsruhe presented the draft of the 2030 climate protection concept to the population in a participation process. We want to support and improve the associated calculation models and the …

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Communal Trees

The tree register of the city of Karslruhe contains the geo-coordinates and type of all urban trees. The map shows the positions on a map, which also shows population and area for all districts. …

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Environmental sensors

We can also generate open data ourselves by recording measured values with various sensors and sharing them with others. We always show in open workshops, e.g. the participants build a DIY particulate …

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The transparency portal of the city of Karlsruhe targets primarily interested specialists who want to realize projects with the data, which may then also be of interest to the general public. With the …

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farmshops.eu map

Overview map of farm shops, markets, milk vending machines and other direct marketers from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The map receives all of its data via a script from …

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Open Sense

Open Sense provides Android sensor widgets for the openSenseMap project (https://opensensemap.org). The app makes it possible to observe open sensor data such as temperature, emission of fine dust or …

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Federal election 2017 results by districts, Karlsruhe

Every district in Karlsruhe is different - how did that affect the election? We took a closer look at this using various statistics.

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Karlsruhe election map 2017

Various exciting visualizations of the Karlsruhe election dates for the Bundestag election 2017. Interactive map and analyzes.

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Communal budgets Baden-Württemberg

Machine-readable variants of the municipal budget Baden-Württemberg and the administrative regulation product and account framework

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Rental prices in Karlsruhe

This project visualizes the rental prices in Karlsruhe on the basis of real estate advertisements.

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Street Markets

This project visualizes on a map where the weekly market is in Karlsruhe. You can filter for the current day or display all. The markets currently taking place are marked in green.

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Access Map

Small project from Berlin that uses a slider to visualize how barrier-free local transport systems are by adding non-barrier-free stations be erased. Now also in Karlsruhe.

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Street names

Visualizes the streets of Karlsruhe named after people and their genders.

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