Smart Friedrichsplatz

A project for “intelligent” irrigation is being installed at Friedrichsplatz. Soil moisture at various depths and other climate parameters are measured regularly and transmitted to the IoT infrastructure of the Stadtwerke. The data evaluation can be used for demand-oriented irrigation.

We support the project “Smart Friedrichsplatz” to make open data usable by and for administration and citizens.

Data and results from the project will be made available to the public. New sensors and visualizations are needed for further locations. Workshops on environmental data, sensors and data literacy may follow, as well as building instructions for “citizen’s sensors”.

The integration of a civil society initiative into a municipal project with several offices is kind of unknown ground. A well designed implementation of close, concrete citizen involvement could serve as a blueprint for follow-up projects.

Sensor-installation is in prototyping phase.

Picture (left to right): Stephan Erat (Environmental and work protection dept.), Martin Weis (OK Lab), Sven Klenert (IT dept.), Dana Schindler (Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH), Fabian Collet (Horticultural dept.)